AH212 Sausage Hanging Machine


Vemag AH212 Sausage Hanging Machine

  • Device for automatic hanging of strings of sausage
  • Allows all types of sausage division: individual, pairs, triple, quadruple, etc.
  • Two different working heights
  • Flexible hook spacing
  • Reduces hand-labor, increases productivity and output

The Vemag AH212 Hanging Machine is Vemag's newest and most advanced sausage hanger, featuring improvements in versatility, flexibility and ergonomics. It is the fastest sausage hanger in the industry. The AH212 eliminates the manual labor of hanging sausage by hand. It automatically hangs strings of sausages onto a long series of conveyed hooks. Once hung, the evenly-spaced strings of sausages can be easily removed from the hooks using a smoke stick. The AH212 reduces hand-labor while increasing productivity and output.

The AH212 hooks are easily adjustable to suit the diameter of the sausage. Infinitely adjustable distances between the hooks ensure perfect spacing of the sausage. This typically allows at least one more sausage group to be hung per stick, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. The identical spacing between hooks means that sausages are evenly distributed on the smoke stick.

The ergonomic AH212 has two operating heights. The higher level allows the operator to comfortably adjust the hooks to the proper spacing. The lower level is at the perfect height for removing sausages on the smoke stick with minimal effort. Both heights improve operator posture and reduce fatigue.

The AH212 is controlled and operated via the Vemag Stuffer with an intuitive graphical interface. The advance of the hooks is specified by the Vemag Stuffer and adapts to the filling speed, cycles, portioning rate, and the number of sausages per hook. The AH212 handles individual sausages of all lengths up to 900 mm, and sausage rings with lengths up to 1,200 mm.