LPV802 Length Portioning Device and AH212 Hanging Machine


Vemag LPV802 Length Portioning Device and AH212 Hanging Machine

  • The patented Vemag LPV802 is a special casing holding device for automatically linking sausages in natural casings that are identical in weight, length and diameter
  • Vemag AH212 Hanging Machine is a device for automatically hanging strings of sausages
  • Suitable for linking and hanging sausage in hog or sheep casings

The patented Vemag LPV802 Length Portioning Device is a special casing holding device that attaches to the Vemag sausage filler. The LPV802 links fresh and cooked sausages in sheep and hog casings with identical length, weight and diameter. The Vemag stuffer precisely portions weight while the LPV802 simultaneously calibrates the sausage to automatically achieve identical lengths. This degree of uniformity was previously only possible with sausages in synthetic casings. Specially sorted casings are not required, resulting in considerable cost savings.

If the next step in your process is to hang the strings of linked sausage on a smoke stick, then add the Vemag AH212 Hanging Machine to your line. The AH212 eliminates the manual labor of hanging sausage by hand. It automatically hangs strings of sausages onto a long series of conveyed hooks. Once hung, the strings of sausages can be easily removed from the hooks using a smoke stick.

The hook advance speed of the AH212 can be adjusted for the product and type of hanging (individually, in pairs, etc.). The identical spacing between hooks means that sausages are evenly distributed on the smoke stick.

The LPV802 integrates perfectly with the AH212. The combination is a great way to reduce manual labor and begin to automate your sausage production.