Konti-Cutter / Comvair Emulsifiers


Seydelmann Konti-Cutter / Comvair Emulsifiers

  • Creates the highest quality emulsions from all types of meat
  • Interacting cutting rings produce consistently stable emulsions
  • A simple ring change alters the texture of the emulsion from course to superfine
  • Features exclusive bone and metal trap
  • All stainless steel construction

The Seydelmann Konti-Cutter and Reiser's Comvair are similar emulsifiers that are simply the best in the industry. These all stainless steel emulsifiers feature interacting cutting rings to produce consistently stable, high-quality emulsions from all types of meat products. They can process up to 30,000 lbs. per hour.

Both emulsifiers feature a unique combination of fixed and rotating cutting plates to give more cuts per minute than any other emulsifier, even with the coarsest of products. The result is consistently stable, high-quality emulsions. A simple cutting plate change alters the texture of the emulsion from coarse to superfine.

The emulsifiers have no metal-to-metal contact, which significantly reduces downtime and expensive maintenance costs. And its simple design with no expensive knives to replace and no operator adjustments all add up to dramatic savings and low operating costs. Typical operating costs are 66% less than competitive emulsifiers.

The emulsifiers both use a unique built-in bone and metal trap to remove foreign objects before they reach the cutting chamber without interrupting production. Nuts, bolts, bones and bits of plastic are eliminated before the final production stage, thereby reducing rework and damage to equipment. And because the rotating metal cutting plates do not actually touch each other, there is no wear of plates due to metal rubbing against metal. This completely eliminates any product contamination through particles of metal that may have worn off.

Even with high horsepower models, the decibel level at full production stays low enough to allow normal conversation around the machine.