DHV841 Casing Holding Device


Vemag DHV841 Casing Holding Device

  • Vemag DHV841 is a casing holding device that makes easy work of twist linking
  • Economical solution for twist linking sausage in natural, collagen or cellulose casings

The Vemag DHV841 Sausage Casing Holding Device is an economical solution for twist linking sausages. It is a universal sausage casing holding device and is designed as an attachment to the Vemag stuffer that is fitted directly to the linking gear. The DHV841 can process any size sausage in all types of sausage casings – natural, collagen and cellulose. The DHV841 is ideal for simple linking straight onto the filling table.

The DHV841 produces extremely reliable and very accurate twist links. The links remain securely closed, even on the smoke stick. The device features an automatic casing pusher for collagen and cellulose casings. The casing pusher feeds the casing and an integrated limit stop lowers casing consumption.

The DHV841 can produce sausages ranging in diameter from 16 - 42 mm.