Reiser offers a variety of innovative processing solutions for the bakery industry.

Reiser supplies a variety of Vemag bakery equipment for all types of applications and production requirements. The Vemag is an incredibly versatile machine that combines the highest levels of portioning accuracy, speed and product quality.

The Vemag is a single machine that incorporates many innovative attachments specifically designed for bakery applications. Each Vemag attachment is carefully designed to produce consistent, high-quality bakery products. Attachments can be easily swapped out in minutes so that you can produce a variety of different products.

The Vemag can be used as a dough divider to produce breads, rolls and buns and is easily adaptable to all ranges of dough absorptions and crumb structures.

The Vemag can be used as a depositor to accurately portion cookie dough, fillings and batters onto moving or stationary lines. It is ideal for any depositing task where placement and weight control is needed.

The Vemag can be used as a sheeter to extrude smooth, uniform sheets of batter and dough with consistent thickness and width. This system can also be used to precisely sheet margarine and fats onto a make-up line.

And when you're ready to package your bakery product, our range of Repak form/fill/seal packaging machines will help keep your product fresh and looking its best. Reiser packaging equipment offers you the highest levels of efficiency, speed and reliability.

Equipment includes:
Vemag - Dough dividers, portioners, depositors, fillers, formers, extruders, and sheeting equipment
Repak - Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines
VARIOVAC - Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines
JLS - Robotic packaging solutions