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Robotic Packaging


JLS Robotic Packaging

  • Wide range of robotic packaging solutions
  • Picking systems for loading products into all types of trays and packages, as well as orientation, stacking and grouping
  • Customized robotic case packing systems

JLS Automation is a leading supplier of robotic packaging solutions to the food industry. JLS develops customized packaging solutions for primary and secondary food packaging with a focus on robotic pick and place systems, tray loaders, and case packers. All JLS systems are designed to exceed the food industry’s rigorous requirements for food safety and sanitary operations. For any applications where hand loading is the norm, JLS robotics are an ideal solution for increasing output and reducing costs.

Heron™ Tray Loading Systems
The Heron Tray Loading System is designed for primary product packaging applications. The Heron is a highly efficient robotic packaging machine aimed at handling delicate products that will be loaded into trays.

Talon™ Pick and Place Packaging Systems
The Talon Pick and Place Packaging System is designed for both primary and secondary product packaging applications. The Talon uses Advanced Motion Control technology to pick and place all types of food products. In primary packaging applications, the Talon can be used to pick and place food products from the conveyor into packaging. In secondary packaging applications, the Talon can pick and place packages and load them into cartons. Talon systems are designed to integrate with other packaging machines, allowing processors to easily upgrade their existing packaging line with robotic technology.

Osprey™ Robotic Case Packing Systems
The Osprey Robotic Case Packing System is designed for secondary product packaging applications. The Osprey is a flexible system designed for frequent changeovers from one product to another. It can easily load all types of packages, trays, bags, pouches and chubs into cases and cartons.

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