Guillotine Cutoff Depositor


Vemag Guillotine Cutoff Depositor

  • System includes Vemag Stuffer and Guillotine Cutoff Attachment
  • Produces a consistently accurate portion size and weight, for even the most viscous products
  • Deposits exact portions directly into cups, trays and packages
  • Deposits portioned fillings into products such as eggrolls, pockets and burritos

Reiser and Vemag have designed a variety of Guillotine Cutoff systems for all types of applications and production requirements. This depositing solution combines a Vemag Stuffer with a Guillotine Cutoff attachment. A Reiser-engineered Waterwheel flow divider can be added for multiple-lane production. Use it to produce precise weight portions for all types of applications – from depositing fillings onto unfolded eggrolls, calzones and pastry pockets to portioning stew beef, chili and seafood salad into containers.

Vemag Stuffer
At the heart of the system lies the Vemag Stuffer. The Vemag features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports product extremely gently and without smearing. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities to meet any production requirement.

The Reiser-engineered Waterwheel attachment is a flow divider that connects to the Vemag Stuffer. The Waterwheel divides the product flow into multiple lanes with equal portions from each outlet. A Guillotine Cutoff attachment is then added. Weight accuracy is guaranteed across each lane. It is a proven solution for high-volume production.

Guillotine Cutoff Attachment
Reiser's Guillotine Cutoff attachment produces portions of exact weight and size. The Guillotine attachment features an interchangeable die insert that allows processors to quickly and easily change portion sizes. Depositing precise and consistent portions onto moving lines is easily accomplished.

A single Guillotine Cutoff attachment is an economical solution for increasing production of portioned products and fillings.

For larger applications, a Reiser Waterwheel flow divider can be added for multi-lane production. Use it for high-volume depositing applications.