Cheese Shredder & Depositor


Vemag Cheese Shredder & Depositor

  • System includes Vemag Stuffer and Cheese Shredder/Depositor Attachment
  • Produces portions of precise shape and weight—batch after batch
  • Accurately deposits portioned cheese shreds onto products such as frozen dinners and pizzas
  • Automated solution provides significant labor savings

Reiser and Vemag have designed a variety of cheese shredding and portioning systems for all types of applications and production requirements. The system combines a Vemag Portioner with a Reiser-engineered Cheese Shred Depositor attachment to shred and portion virtually any type of cheese. This solution is ideal for dispensing precise portions of shredded cheese onto conveyed pizza and prepared meals.

Vemag Portioner
At the heart of the system lies the Vemag Portioner. The Vemag features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports product extremely gently and without smearing. The Vemag can process virtually any type of cheese. Cheese blocks are typically fed into the Vemag; alternatively, cheese trim, ends and scraps can be used to eliminate waste and repurpose those pieces into cheese shreds. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities to meet any production requirement.

Cheese Shred Depositor Attachment
The Reiser-engineered Cheese Shredder attachment is a depositing head that connects to the Vemag Portioner. The cheese is transported from the Vemag and extruded through the shredder attachment, where a rotating blade cuts the extruded cheese to the desired length while simultaneously depositing a precise portion of shreds onto the conveyed product below. The attachment deposits accurately with complete product coverage and no mess. Depositing precise and consistent portions onto moving lines is easily accomplished.