Reiser Saloon.
Coex System for Open Cookie


Vemag Coex System for Open Cookie

  • Use two Vemags to produce an endless assortment of open, two-flavored cookies
  • Produces a consistently accurate portion size and weight
  • A variety of solutions available for applications of all types and sizes

Two Vemags, together with a Reiser-engineered coextrusion attachment, will produce an endless assortment of open cookie products. Working in conjunction with a Cutoff attachment, the coextrusion system delivers a finished product of consistently accurate size and weight. This is a great solution to economically produce gourmet combination cookies.

The Vemag coextrusion system works as follows: The first Vemag supplies the product's outer "shell"; the second Vemag supplies the product's filling. The filling is accurately positioned within the shell. A die insert within the Cutoff gives the product its shape and the Cutoff cuts the shaped product into exact-weight portions every time. The die insert is easily swapped out to allow fast changeovers from one product to another.

Use the Vemag Coex System to produce all types of open cookie and gourmet combination cookie products.