Service & Support


Reiser USA

  • Customer Service: (781) 821-1290
  • Parts Fax: (781) 828-7059

Reiser Canada

  • Customer Service: (905) 631-6611
  • Parts Fax: (905) 631-6607

Reiser UK

  • Customer Service: (01908) 585300
  • Parts Fax: (01908) 585400

Reiser provides the industry's leading customer service and support. At Reiser, we know that it requires a dedicated and knowledgeable support network to guarantee a satisfied customer. With more than 80 worldwide after-sales support professionals, we've put together a team that is the best in the industry. Not only are we experts on our full line of equipment, we also understand product applications. From research and development, installation, training and service -- to telephone support, application specialists, and a huge inventory of spare parts, no other supplier can match Reiser's total commitment to its customers. Our team includes:

  • Dedicated Technical Help Desk
  • Network of Field Service Technicians
  • Comprehensive Spare Parts Inventory
  • Food Technologists
  • Product Support Specialists
  • Operation and Maintenance Training
  • Product Development Facility and Test Kitchen
  • Research and Development Team

Phone Support
At Reiser, you'll find a dedicated Technical Help Desk committed to supporting our customers. They provide real-time assistance to help minimize any production interruptions. This team is available to assist you with your technical questions and spare parts needs. They are simply a phone call away. Whether you're calling for help on processing or packaging equipment, Reiser has the personnel to answer your questions.

Field Support
We won't keep you waiting for service. With factory-trained field service technicians located throughout the U.S., Canada and U.K., Reiser can respond quickly to customer issues. Our field technicians are available on-demand to travel to your plant as required.

Spare Parts
We won't keep you waiting for parts. Reiser maintains a huge inventory of OEM replacement parts in each of our U.S., Canada and U.K. offices. You can receive overnight delivery on virtually any part and significantly reduce your downtime.

Whether in your plant or at our facility, Reiser can design a training program specifically for your organization's needs. We understand that different personnel require different machine training and we will modify our programs accordingly. We offer programs for both Machine Operation and Maintenance.

Machine Operation
Reiser can offer formal training programs for machine operators in your plant. Designed to include both theoretical and hands-on training, these classes provide your staff with the know-how to set up, operate and teardown the equipment. Your personnel will learn basic operational adjustments to help prevent losing valuable production time. Weekend training sessions can be arranged to avoid interrupting production schedules.

Reiser can provide hands-on machine troubleshooting and repair training for your technicians. Available at your facility or ours, these classes provide your maintenance staff with a better understanding of how the machines work both mechanically and electrically. With this technical instruction, your technicians will be able to troubleshoot your equipment and provide preventative maintenance to minimize machine down time. Reiser's goal is to help ensure that your investment is maintained in top condition.