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Bowl Cutters for Cold Pack Cheese


Seydelmann Bowl Cutters for Cold Pack Cheese

  • Seydelmann provides a wide range of Bowl Cutters for grating, grinding and mixing cheese
  • Ideal for processed cheese and cold pack applications
  • Completely closed all stainless steel system that is easy to clean for the highest levels of hygiene

Seydelmann is a worldwide leader in cheese grating, grinding and mixing technology. Seydelmann offers a complete range of Bowl Cutters for all types of processed cheese applications and can be used to produce a wide variety of cold pack cheese, processed cheese and cheese spread. Built entirely of stainless steel, Seydelmann Bowl Cutters are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to help processors achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

Seydelmann Bowl Cutters are perfect for all applications that require grinding, mixing, and particle reduction. They allow flexibility to quickly change recipes and offer the highest levels of productivity. Product structures from course chopping to very fine textures can be easily achieved, all with a uniform, homogenous mixing of the ingredients.

Seydelmann Bowl Cutters are ideal for the production of cold pack cheese, cheese tubs, cheese balls and logs, cheese spreads, processed cheese and more.