Fomaco Injectors

  • Highest average yield through out the day without constant filter maintenance
  • Most uniform quality across the belt
  • Least recirculation of brine
  • Easiest sanitation

Fomaco manufactures a reliable line of meat injectors for all types of meat curing, meat marinating and meat tenderizing applications. Injectors are used to marinate all kinds of boneless and bone-in meat, poultry and fish, and to inject brines and proteins into the product. Fomaco Injectors are available with 1, 2 or 3 needle bridges, depending on the level of injection and whether a tenderizing process is required. The machines are available in a variety of conveyor widths.

Self Cleaning Filter increases yields

The Fomaco self cleaning filter is unlike any other filter in the industry. The injector does not lose pressure during operation due to a clogged filter or clogged needles. Particulate and fibers are removed continually and the filter cleans itself as it can be programmed to automatically discharge the residue. Because of this technology the machine produces the highest average yield throughout the day and does this without constant filter cleaning, pressure adjustments, and downtime. This increases yield, and even small increases in average yield can payback the investment in the machine very quickly.

“Pump to Pipe” System increases profitability

The Fomaco Meat Injector uses a system of pipes of continually decreasing diameter all the way from the pump to the needle. It does not use a manifold and so avoids the problems of turbulence and uneven brine flow through different needles. By reducing the causes of process variation during injection, product quality and uniformity are improved. This allows injection targets that are closer to the labeled limits for increased profitability.

Individual Stripper Feet System increases quality

Individual stripper feet control brine flow so that brine flows only when the foot is in contact with the product. This allows more uniform injection in irregular product, and also on partially loaded belts, because all needles in the product are pumping consistently. Other systems must put up with spraying brine into the air near the product and onto the belt, and this causes non-uniform injection pressure and increases foaming. More consistent injection of un-foamed brine increases product quality.

Highest level of hygiene

Fomaco Meat Injectors are hygienic in production as well as quick and easy to clean. There is no complicated and hard-to-clean manifold. The “pump to pipe”, needle heads and valves are designed to facilitate non-turbulent flow through the system, preventing brine residue from settling. The machines are equipped with an automatic wash program and items such as the conveyor belt frame and needles can be removed without the use of tools. All pipes are mounted with dairy fittings that can easily be dismantled for inspection.