Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Machines


VARIOVAC Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Machines

  • Rugged machines capable of the industry’s highest speeds
  • Produces high-quality packages with reliable seals
  • Features RAPIDAIRSYSTEM® for uniform forming and sealing
  • Hygienic design and stainless steel construction for superior sanitation

VARIOVAC horizontal form/fill/seal thermoformers are rugged and highly efficient packaging machines suitable in the industry's most demanding environments. Their sanitary design, high production rates, and maximum reliability make these machines a superior packaging solution.

VARIOVAC packaging machines produce all types of flexible, semi-rigid and skin packages with consistent and reliable seals. Separate lifting systems for the forming and sealing dies are controlled independently to ensure the highest performance.

VARIOVAC packaging machines feature RAPIDAIRSYSTEM® to achieve up to 60% greater output. The RAPIDAIRSYSTEM eliminates the need for preheating film, producing high-quality forms and seals at speeds of over 20 cycles/minute.

VARIOVAC packaging machines are easy to operate. They come complete with a multi-language, user-friendly, programmable touch screen including diagnostic software. The VARIOVAC’s yoke sealing plate system allows fast and easy changeovers of package sizes.

VARIOVAC packaging machines are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and are engineered to meet the highest standards of hygiene. Designed for complete washdown, the machines feature removable covers, side panels and a washdown program for quick and safe cleaning.

The VARIOVAC is available in two models: the Optimus and the Primus.

The compact construction of the fully automatic VARIOVAC Optimus makes starting out in form/fill/seal technology easy. It is a superior, entry-level solution with a low cost-of-ownership. The Optimus features a modular design built around a sturdy frame. Its rugged construction and simple design make it a full industrial machine capable of three shifts per day, yet requiring minimal maintenance. It allows quick and easy changes to package size. Up to 40 recipes can be programmed and saved. All printing and labeling options are available.

Primus (available from Reiser UK only)
The VARIOVAC Primus is a versatile, high capacity, form/fill/seal packaging machine. The Primus offers modular construction for a growing plant environment. It can be easily modified – the machine can be lengthened, components can be added, web widths can be changed. The Primus stands out with its high packaging performance – creating shaped, semi-rigid or sophisticated packages with ease. Its 4-point pneumatic lifting system improves the machine’s forming and sealing precision. Optional servo-powered lifting and cutting systems further improve the precision of the RAPIDAIRSYSTEM. Up to 80 recipes can be programmed and saved.