Process Check Checkweigher


Vemag Process Check Checkweigher

  • Guaranteed optimum weight control
  • Reduced giveaway
  • Suitable for the most demanding environments
  • Easily integrates into all production lines
  • Optional automatic rejection of underweights or overweights

The Vemag Process Check is an inline checkweigher that is ideal for all dough dividing lines where consistently accurate weights are critical. Process Check virtually eliminates giveaway, reduces rework, and increases your profitability.

Portion weights can be affected by a number of variables, including changes in the dough, product temperature, density, and even machine wear. The Vemag Process Check communicates directly with the Vemag Dough Divider to compensate for those variables, continuously fine-tuning each dough portion to increase your on-weight percentages – with no operator intervention.

Simple to operate, Process Check can tie into any dough dividing line. Automatic monitoring and check weighing ensures full control, uniform portion weights, and reduced giveaway. It also provides verification and tracking data for the baker and their customer. An optional reject system automatically rejects off-weights.

The solid construction of the Process Check Checkweigher is designed for demanding environments. The conveyor belt can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The Vemag Process Check utilizes the latest techniques in statistical process control to continuously produce the highest quality and reliability without exception. Monitoring is made easy with a broad range of standard report designs. The system allows easy conversion of reports to other software applications such as Microsoft Excel. Processors can monitor:

  • Giveaway by weight and percentage
  • Portions per minute
  • Accepted total weight
  • Accepted average weight
  • Accepted product by number and percentage
  • Rejected product by number and percentage

Reiser has developed a spreadsheet that can calculate your annual cost savings with the Vemag Process Check and prove its ROI. Tell us the cost of your raw materials, your current giveaway, and your daily output. We’ll quickly calculate just how much the Vemag Process Check can save you and what your ROI would be.