Repak Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Machines


Repak Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Machines

  • Forming method reduces material costs
  • Produces packages with exceptional seal integrity
  • Built for sanitation and access for maintenance

Repak manufactures a new generation of horizontal form/fill/seal equipment for food packaging. The machines are used for meats, dairy, fish, fresh-cut produce, and convenience foods. They can produce vacuum and modified-atmosphere packages from flexible and semi-rigid materials, as well as Vacuum Skin Packages (VSP), and packages with formed top webs. Machines can be manually and automatically loaded. Compact configurations are available for low speed production, as well as high performance machines capable of the highest production rates in the industry.

Repak packaging machines:

  • Are constructed of stainless steel
  • Are intended for complete wash downs
  • Are designed to avoid accumulation of water, cleaners or particulate
  • Have easy access for maintenance
  • Feature an operator touch screen that is exceptionally easy to understand
  • Are simple and can be quickly changed from one product to another
  • Are easy to integrate with all brands of labeling and date coding systems

Repak uses the rapid air forming method as a standard. This method maximizes the distribution of film into critical areas such as corners. This allows package engineers to choose thinner forming films with potential cost savings of up to 20%.

Also standard on a Repak are special 4-Point lifting systems on the forming and sealing dies. These generate tremendous closing pressures. Control of pressures in the sealing die allows for increased seal integrity and generates exceptional package reliability.

If you remove the covers from a Repak you can see all the design features that promote sanitation and provide easy access for maintenance.

Repak RE15 and RE20

  • These smaller machines in the Repak family are constructed to the same exacting standards as their larger cousins: they use the same die lift technology, the same frame design, and the same operator interface. They are compact machines; they are not stripped down, bare bones machines.
  • Production plants with lower output requirements or limited space can still enjoy the same package quality and reliability as those with higher production demands.

Repak RE25 and RE30

  • The RE25 offers modular construction for a growing plant environment. It can be lengthened, components can be added and web widths can be changed if required. This future flexibility can result in considerable capital expense savings over the life of the machine.
  • The RE30 can produce the most demanding packaging types -- including top web forming. It can be constructed with special features such as the optional tandem tool system for immediate changeover from one forming and sealing die set to another. It can be built with very large web-widths and index lengths.