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Vemag DHV841 Casing Holding Device and AH212 Hanging Machine


Vemag DHV841 Casing Holding Device and AH212 Hanging Machine

  • Vemag DHV841 is a casing holding device that makes easy work of twist linking
  • Vemag AH212 Hanging Machine is a device for automatically hanging strings of sausages
  • Economical solution for linking and hanging sausage in natural or collagen casings

The Vemag DHV841 Casing Holding Device is an economical solution for twist linking sausages. It is a universal casing holding device and is designed as an attachment to the Vemag stuffer that is fitted directly to the linking gear. The DHV841 can process any size sausage in all types of casings – natural, collagen and cellulose.

If the next step in your process is to hang the strings of linked sausage on a smoke stick, then add the Vemag AH212 Hanging Machine to your line. The AH212 eliminates the manual labor of hanging sausage by hand. It automatically hangs strings of sausages onto a long series of conveyed hooks. Once hung, the strings of sausages can be easily removed from the hooks using a smoke stick.

The hook advance speed of the AH212 can be adjusted for the product and type of hanging (individually, in pairs, etc.). The identical spacing between hooks means that sausages are evenly distributed on the smoke stick.

The DHV841 integrates perfectly with the AH212. The combination is a great way to reduce manual labor and begin to automate your sausage production.