Single-outlet Dough Divider


Vemag Single-outlet Dough Divider

  • Vemag will easily produces all types of breads, buns and rolls
  • Fully adjustable to produce a wide range of exact-weight portions
  • Handles absorption rates from 45% to 95%
  • Produces a wide variety of crumb structures

The Vemag Dough Divider (also referred to as a dough "portioner") adds versatility to every production line and is perfect for all types of breads, buns, rolls and English muffins. The Vemag is easily adjusted to consistently produce exact-weight portions of any dough absorption or crumb structure. The single-outlet Vemag is perfect for the baker who needs 60 - 100 portions per minute.

The Vemag's positive displacement double-screw assures gentle handling of dough and exact-weight portions.
At the heart of the Vemag Dough Divider lies its pumping element – the double-screw transport system. The powerful, positive-displacement double-screw is unique for its gentle and consistent handling of the dough without overworking it... as well as exact-weight dough portions. The double-screw is available in a variety of configurations to accurately portion virtually any type of dough.

The Vemag can handle a range of absorption rates.
The Vemag is designed for versatility and has proven it can run a variety of absorption levels with just a change of the double-screws. The double-screw can be swapped out in seconds so that bakers can portion everything from bread dough to batters. The Vemag can handle absorption rates from 45% to 95% – from stiff bagel dough to soft English muffin dough.

The Vemag can produce a variety of crumb structures.
The Vemag is easily adjusted with a simple changeover in the double-screw configuration to produce both open-crumb and uniform tight-crumb structures…and anything in between! An optional Vemag 982 Developer system can further de-gas dough in order to produce a more uniform, finer cell structure. The Developer can be added to the line at anytime and taken out in minutes to run a more open crumb structure – part of Reiser’s modular approach that preserves your investment and adds versatility to your production line.

The Vemag consistently produces exact-weight dough portions.
Batch after batch, the Vemag consistently produces precise weight dough portions at 1% standard deviation. And because the dough portions are exact right from the start, you’ll eliminate startup “tinkering” time, rework and waste.

The Vemag can produce a variety of dough portion sizes.
The Vemag is easily adjustable to produce a wide range of dough portion sizes – from 5g to 20kg.

The Vemag is fast and accurate.
The Vemag Dough Divider will run bread dough in single or double lanes at 200+ exact-weight pieces per minute. For even greater production, roll in our high-speed servo-driven Dough Divider. This Servo Dough Divider consists of our patented waterwheel flow division system and our servo-driven cutting system. It will produce 8 lanes of product up to 300 times per minute with equal weights across the board. There is no need for tinkering with equalizing valves. Weight accuracy is guaranteed across multiple lanes without adjustments.

The Vemag eliminates the need for divider oil.
The Vemag does not require mineral oil, saving thousands of dollars annually while eliminating product air pockets and surface blisters.