Coex System for Taquitos and Tamales


Vemag Coex System for Taquitos and Tamales

  • Use two Vemags to produce an endless assortment of filled taquitos, tamales and other filled ethnic foods
  • Produces a consistently accurate portion size and weight
  • A variety of solutions available for applications of all types and sizes

Two Vemags can be used together with a Reiser-engineered coextrusion attachment to produce an endless assortment of filled taquitos, tamales, and other ethnic foods. Working in conjunction with a forming attachment and either a Crimper or a cutting device, the coextrusion system delivers a finished product of consistently accurate size and weight.

The Vemag coextrusion system works as follows: The first Vemag supplies the product's outer "shell" -- typically a dough product; the second Vemag supplies the product's filling. The filling is accurately positioned within the shell. The forming attachment gives the product its shape. Then, for products requiring sealed ends, a Crimper is used to simultaneously seal and cut the product into individual portions. Alternatively, a cutting device can be used to cut the product to uniform lengths with open ends.

This system eliminates the hand-labor of manually rolling or folding the outer shell. Instead, the Vemag Coextruder produces the entire finished product automatically.