Pie Shell Production with Angel Pie Press


Vemag Pie Shell Production

  • System includes Vemag Stuffer with Guillotine Cutoff and Angel Pie Press
  • Labor-saving solution for the rapid production of pie shells
  • Vemag deposits exact-weight portions of pie dough into pie pans
  • Angel Pie Press presses dough into uniform pie shells

Reiser and Vemag have designed a variety of pie shell production systems utilizing the Angel Pie Press. This pie shell forming system combines a Vemag Portioner with a Guillotine Cutoff attachment and an Angel Pie Press. The pie shell former allows rapid production of pie shells without the need for flour dusting or greasing and without any leftover scrap dough. It can produce up to 1,000 pie shells per hour.

Vemag Portioner
At the heart of the system lies the Vemag Portioner. The Vemag features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports pie dough extremely gently and without overwork or smearing. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities to meet any production requirement.

Guillotine Cutoff
Reiser's patented Guillotine Cutoff attachment produces exact-weight portions. The Guillotine attachment features an interchangeable die insert that allows bakers to quickly and easily change portion sizes. Depositing precise and consistent portions onto moving lines is easily accomplished. This system is ideal for portioning and depositing pie dough directly into empty pie pans and working in tandem with the Angel Pie Press.

Angel Pie Press
The USDA-approved Angel Pie Press is an automated pie shell former and is designed for the safe and rapid production of pie and tart shells. It features a hydraulically-actuated heated die that presses down onto the portioned dough ball to produce uniform shells without the need for flour dusting or greasing, and without scrap dough.