LPV802 Length Portioning Device and TM203 Link Cutting Machine


Vemag LPV802 Length Portioning Device and TM203 Link Cutting Machine

  • The patented Vemag LPV802 is a special casing holding device for automatically linking sausages in natural casings that are identical in weight, length and diameter
  • Vemag TM203 cuts strings of linked fresh sausage into individual sausages quickly and precisely
  • Suitable for linking and cutting sausage in hog or sheep casings

The patented Vemag LPV802 Length Portioning Device is a special casing holding device that attaches to the Vemag sausage filler. The LPV802 links fresh and cooked sausages in sheep and hog casings with identical length, weight and diameter. The Vemag stuffer precisely portions weight while the LPV802 simultaneously calibrates the sausage to automatically achieve identical lengths. This degree of uniformity was previously only possible with sausages in synthetic casings. Specially sorted casings are not required, resulting in considerable cost savings.

If your desired end product is individual sausages, then add the Vemag TM203 Link Cutting Machine to your line. The TM203 takes the strings of linked sausage that came from the LPV802 and precisely cuts them into individual sausages. The TM203 is optimized to cut all types of fresh sausage in natural and collagen casings, reaching cutting speeds of up to 1,200 per minute. The TM203 guides the strings of sausages to ensure that cuts are exactly centered every time. The results are quality closed ends and superior looking individual sausages.

The combination of the Vemag LPV802 and Vemag TM203 is an economical solution to greatly increase your production of individual sausages.