Reiser Saloon.

A Photo Tour of Vemag's New Customer R&D Center

Vemag's ultra-modern Customer Center in Verden, Germany attracts processors from around the world. The new facility is the latest addition to Vemag's sprawling corporate headquarters and exemplifies Vemag's commitment to help its customers develop new products and processes. The company has increased its R&D staff from 16 in 2000 to 44 today, many of whom spend a good portion of their time in the field.

Plenty of space for learning and training.
The front hall of the Vemag customer center is a large, multi-purpose space that serves as a showroom for Vemag's full line of equipment, and can be quickly converted to a training center for customers and Vemag employees. Groups from the US, Russia, China, Latin America, and the UK have received training in the customer center. Standing in front of the big screen are Sven Koehler, Technical Director, and Dr. Niclas Rathmann, President.

High standards, fleible arrangements.
Complete processing lines can be set up to a customer's specifications. Processors can bring in their own raw materials and then work with Vemag technicians and R&D personnel to create new products and optimize processes. The Vemag customer center features two completely separate processing rooms allowing Vemag to accommodate more than one customer at a time. This line (shown at left) is designed to produce gourmet patties using an in-line grinding system.


Customers from Scotland work on a new gourmet burger.
Top executives from Grampion Food Group, Aberdeen, Scotland, are here to assess opportunities for gourmet burger manufacturing for the U.K. Working with Vemag technicians and Reiser U.K. personnel, Grampion executives are able to see what a real line can do. A video camera records the process, allowing the Grampion execs to review the process when they return home.


Products of all kinds.
Dr. Niclas Rathmann picks up a new product that is being stored in one of the facility's many walk-in coolers. The Vemag customer center is designed with a generous amount of refrigerated storage so that each customer has room to hold its raw materials and finished products. This makes it easier for the customers and allows Vemag to handle its customer products in a safe, efficient manner.



Cooking and smoking too.
While traditional cooked sausage continues to be popular in Germany, there is a growing demand worldwide for other fully cooked products. This Vemag oven allows customers to develop and test these new products through to completion without having to return home to cook them. For traditional products, the oven is equipped to handle both natural and liquid smoke.


Product and equipment development go hand in hand.
Next door to the Vemag Customer Center is Vemag's equipment R&D center. Today, with the increasing importance of electronic controls and customized software, much of Vemag's R&D focuses on this aspect of equipment development. Here, Vemag Technical Director Sven Koehler is surrounded by a host of electronic components that are part of new equipment development projects.


Slow-motion pinpoints the problem.
Speed is important in achieving processing efficiency, but sometimes things are moving too fast to see what is causing a problem. Vemag records a critical area in the process and then slows the video down to reveal the cause of the problem. In this instance, casing failure during twisting was examined, diagnosed, and a solution proposed.

Worldwide mission.
Vemag's mission to grow its customer base worldwide is led by Dr. Niclas Rathmann, together with his managing directors Sven Koehler and Ralf Preuss. This young team of dedicated professionals is forging a new future for Vemag based on customer-centric product development and innovative new equipment and processes.

Vemag's Utra-Modern Customer Care Center
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
High Standards, Flexible Arrangements
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training
Plenty of Space for Learning and Training